Advice for New Engineering Managers - Leading with Empathy

Leading a team with empathy
A guide for new managers, offering insights into leading engineering teams with empathy and kindness. It focuses on understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of transitioning from an engineering role to a management position, while emphasizing the importance of building strong, trust-based relationships with your team members.

Exploring Custom GPTs

Exploring Custom GPTs
Join us on an intriguing exploration into the diverse applications of custom GPTs. From a virtual pole fitness coach to a condo concierge, and even a sassy chef assistant, we're testing the limits and learning the quirks of AI in real-life scenarios. Discover the successes, the hiccups, and the surprising lessons learned along the way.

My reading list

A pile of books
I often get asked what are my favourite books for software, management, leadership or training. I figured it would be a good exercise for me to quickly go over what's on my kindle and Audible queue and try to recall which books I appreciated the most, and what were key learnings for me.

The Hunter and the Blacksmith

As engineers, we sometimes forget that the sales and product departments can provide key insights about the customer. Great sales people are attentive to their customers: they know their market, they know subtle things that make them happy or things that ultimately do not matter to them. They can provide the most valuable information of all: context.

The Darkest Dungeon of Development

Adventurers fighting monsters
Without being too cynical about it, I found some interesting parallels with software development, the high-failure world of startups and the importance of a strong culture of resilience. So here are some of my not-too-serious observations, interspersed with pictures of the game and quotes from the amazing narrator, about how…