Alexandre Rimthong

Hi there!

My name is Alex Rimthong, I like to coach high performing engineering teams, build innovative products and help people with their security. Catch me for a ☕️ or 🍺 in Montreal.

Latest Articles

Advice for New Engineering Managers - Leading with Empathy

Leading a team with empathy
A guide for new managers, offering insights into leading engineering teams with empathy and kindness. It focuses on understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of transitioning from an engineering role to a management position, while emphasizing the importance of building strong, trust-based relationships with your team members.

Exploring Custom GPTs

Exploring Custom GPTs
Join us on an intriguing exploration into the diverse applications of custom GPTs. From a virtual pole fitness coach to a condo concierge, and even a sassy chef assistant, we're testing the limits and learning the quirks of AI in real-life scenarios. Discover the successes, the hiccups, and the surprising lessons learned along the way.

My reading list

A pile of books
I often get asked what are my favourite books for software, management, leadership or training. I figured it would be a good exercise for me to quickly go over what's on my kindle and Audible queue and try to recall which books I appreciated the most, and what were key learnings for me.